Buy Organic, Forest-Grown Coffee Here!

Why Choose ZenDog?

Apart from the best organic coffee you will ever have, our business chooses to build up everyone involved. Here are some things you should know about ZenDog and how we choose to source our coffee. 

1. Environmental Impact 

Since the demand for coffee is so high, farmers often have to remove crucial forest cover to make way for coffee farms. In the good old days, the forest cover would help create a thriving ecosystem for plants, animals and insects. This means there was no need for chemical fertiliser. With high demand, these forest covers were removed and the use of chemical fertiliser is inevitable. 

coffee farm

Not with our farm. Our coffee is grown alongside it's natural forest cover. This means our production is limited but it requires no chemical fertilisers. We use natural pesticides (cow urine) to grow our coffee amidst vanilla, cacao, cardamom and natural green cover. 

Our farm has snakes, leeches, cows, dogs, insects and birds co-existing happily. 

2. Fair Trade With Our Farmers

We run a bootstrapped, lean business and keep our overheads low. This means, we can pay the farmers what they ask of us without bargaining and negotiating. Our farmers markup as they need and as long as they supply us high quality coffee, we do not ask for anything more. We work with our farmers quite closely and have heard first-hand what it means to be market conquerer. We know the toll it takes on our farmers.

We do not want that. We only want to supply you great coffee and pay our farmers what they ask for. ZenDog is all about loyalty and this comes only when everyone is happy.

3. We Keep It Simple

We aren't striving for profit. We are striving to remove the complication that has been brought about by a very profitable industry. You don't need 100 different types of coffee. You just need one. Why not give us a chance? Buy a bag of our coffee and see how different it tastes from the mass produced coffee. Trust us, we keep it simple. No marketing gimmicks. Just plain good coffee.