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About Us - ZenDog Coffee

ZenDog Coffee is a family-run business that started with an epiphany. It first occurred when our founder, out of pure passion, started to pursue creating the perfect blend, for him. After many trials from the industry stalwarts, he landed at this beautiful little organic farm and found what he was looking for. This was no ordinary coffee. There wasn't a sudden surge in energy and dip coming soon after. Instead, he felt revitalized.

Coffee had never done that to him, no matter where he went searching for it. That's when ZenDog Coffee was born. Out of the pure need to share this feeling with others.

The goal is simple, no complications, just one blend which we think is our best. 100% organic, ethically sourced and carefully prepared. ZenDog Coffee is an ode to Ben, his indie pup who is up to all sorts of mischief at the age of 14 years, Ben is his best friend and now, ZenDog Coffee is too.

Zendog Family

Coffee is a complex business but, we don't think it has to be that way. Enjoy your cup of ZenDog coffee and let us know how you like it!

- Glen & Syju 


ZenDog Coffee is a Momentum Media venture.