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What you need to make the best coffee of your life? | ZenDog Coffee

You already know that there is coffee and then, there is great coffee. Most of us drink bleh coffee most of our lives and don’t even realize it. For great coffee, you don’t need barista level skills, but one secret ingredient. So, if you are wondering how to make the best coffee of your life, first let us commend you for you have come to the right place. The secret to making the most delicious cup of your life is to choose organic high-quality coffee. Yes, it is as simple as that. When the quality of your coffee is superior, the taste also becomes exceptional. But wait, there is more. Simply scroll through to know all about it. 

Organic Coffee 

One of the ways to ensure you are drinking high-quality and good coffee is by opting for organic coffee. Organic coffee firstly keeps you away from all the chemicals and toxins that you are otherwise privy to with regular products. Also, organic products, such as Zendog Coffee follows fair-trade and offer shade-grown coffee, which means you not only end up drinking great high-quality coffee, but you are also caring for the environment. Shade-grown coffee means that forests aren’t being cut to make room for the coffee fields and the tiny coffee beans are happily growing with other plants in a natural habitat where birds, insects and all the other animals too live in harmony. 


Generally, with regular coffee, deforestation takes place to make room and this causes an imbalance in the ecosystem. Since natural pest control, like birds and insects won’t be available, farmers will use more and more chemical fertilizers, which becomes harmful for the body. And, when it rains, not only does the essential nutrients from the soil get washed away, but it also leads to the infusion of chemicals into the land. Again, not good for you or the environment. So yes, this affects the taste of your coffee. 

Pure Coffee 

Another reason why some coffee tastes good is because of the purity quotient. When your coffee is not mixed with toxins and chemicals, its natural flavour becomes enhanced, which leads to your coffee tasting delicious. Now, pure coffee doesn’t mean it should be super expensive. But, you need something that promises quality and purity. 

The Temperature of The Water 

So, you know which type of coffee to purchase. Let’s now move on to how you must make it. You might think that boiling your water doesn’t require much thinking, but one of the factors that can elevate the quality of your coffee is the temperature of your water. If you over boil your water, the bitter aftertaste will be present in your cuppa and if the water is not hot enough, the flavour of the beans will not be completely explored and you will miss out on experiencing the best your coffee can offer. Therefore, the temperature of the water must be just right. Your water temperature must be around 195 to 205 °F and your delicious cup of joe will be ready. 

Pour Over 

For filter coffee, make sure you pour the water from the top and not simply empty the boiling water into the filter. This small step will make a big difference in the way your coffee tastes. And, be patient. You will have to wait until the coffee fully drips into the container to ensure you enjoy a hot delicious cup of coffee. Always opt for freshly brewed coffee as it tastes even better. 

Choose The Right Product 

This is an excruciatingly important step. Apart from following all the above steps, you need to make sure that you choose the right product that satiates your taste buds. For instance, if you are someone who likes floral undertones in your coffee, dark roast is not a suitable product for you. 

organic coffee powder

If you don’t want to over complicate your life by having to choose through the plethora of coffee grounds available in the market, you can simply opt for Zendog Coffee. It is organic and tastes supremely delicious. With no preservatives or chemicals, Zendog coffee grows amidst the lush cocoa and vanilla farms. Zendog will never confuse you with coffee jargon, and make you go through the difficult process of choosing the right blend. The one secret blend they offer works so well that it goes with any kind of coffee preference you may have. And, it enables delicious cups of coffee every time, without any effort.

So, buy your organic coffee powder right here, right now.